Four Seasons truly has a tent for all occasions. Every tent can be custom made for to fulfill historical scenes or even for everyday use!
There is nothing in this world that cannot be made a little cheaper, and sold for a little less - or more - and be man who buys on price alone is that man’s lawful prey.”
Founder Bill Walter
Canvas Tents
Bill and Lila Walter, founders
Welcome to Four Seasons Tentmasters. Thank you for your interest in our products.

We make historically correct shelters for the living historian from the early Viking era to the North American Indian Wars. Each historical era has a preferred name for the lodging of their choice, ie pavilion, officers tent, marquis, lodge, wedge wall tent, etc. For the sake of simplicity we are going to call your prospective new shelter a tent.

A pavilion/lodge or tent is possibly the largest investment you will make that directly contributes to your full participation and comfort in your activities. Your tent will be your shelter as you pursue your activity. You want to be sure that your tent fulfills your needs at all levels. You need a comfortable, well constructed structure with enough room to suit your camping family and withstand the rigors of camping and all types of weather.